SITE Conference, Florida

I’m attending the SITE Conference in Florida — virtually. (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education.) Still, it’s good. I’ve cleared my plate this week (mostly) so that I can “be” there. I’m tweeting, blogging at, and now I’m blogging here. I’m also reading and thinking and reflecting. It’s A M A Z I N G – thrilling and scary – it’s a roller coaster ride!

Thoughts as they rumble around in my head:
3D printing, gaming, collaborative learning, mind-mapping, digital storytelling, distributed cognition in students and teachers, TPACK (technology and pedagogy and content knowledge – all necessary), multi-modal thinking and learning and experiencing = true learning; one has to think about the content, experience it in context, sometimes in the “real world,” guided by wise teachers, but one has to construct the knowledge oneself – but maybe through the help of the teacher plus – technician, librarian, all working together to create the fertile ground in which the young soul will grow in understanding, knowledge, depth, compassion, and justice.

Follow at #siteconf. I’m at #lana_rings.

Some of the tweets: Is the teacher the sage on the stage or guide on the side? Neither. Should be the sage on the side. … Can you teach vision and forethought? … “Playing it” (the game Minecraft) will change student perspectives and attitudes. We should watch the embedded values, beliefs, attitudes. … Considering ‘epic fail’ as part of creative process in tech mediated learning in gr8 session. … Accidental creation/artistry can come from failure.

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