What’s fun …

I think MOOCs will be fun … in retirement.
I think blogging will be fun … in retirement.
In my new position I have been like the proverbial kid in an old-fashioned candy store. I’ve eaten too much candy, and now I have a tummy ache! But, oh how good the candy tasted!

So the Walt Whitman MOOC has been slipping away, but …
Walt Whitman and his century has not.
For I’ve continued reading the recommended books from the MOOC: Walt Whitman’s America. As one reviewer on the cover said, I’m learning things about Whitman and his times that I never knew. …
And it’s a good read, too.

But in the meantime I’ve had to turn my mind to other tasks
that also take time.

Synchronous Learning Online — I’m in a synchronous learning online course the topic of which is
Synchronous Learning Online!

And I must tell you about it. It’s the wave of the future for 1) online learning courses that are 2) not too big, where 3) there is some thought to quality and 4) there is the understanding that there needs to be a facilitator and a producer and 5) if there is not money for both, the facilitator know how to engage the learners in helping to produce, which will also help their learning. It is an emerging technology, but it is the wave of the future: a combination of synchronous sessions when you need to be live with your learners and asynchronous when you can have them work on their own or virtually with each other. I’m developing ideas, and we’ll see where they go. I’m just over halfway through the course, and let me tell you: ASTD InSync training is excellent. It’ll cost you some, but my goodness, these people know what they are doing.

As I said, I’ll have more later, but for now … well, you know, one does have to do one’s work … altho’ this is my real work. 🙂

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2 Responses to What’s fun …

  1. CJPardun says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had to give up on the MOOC, but I get how life gets in the way. My first experience with a MOOC was so fantastic that I signed up for a second one that started two weeks ago. Then work (and life!) really got in the way and I came to the sad realization that I had to “unenroll” from the class I was very much looking forward to taking. But, at least we’re willing to attempt to branch out and try new things. So, just say good-bye to your MOOC for a time…not for ever. Best of luck!

  2. 3rings says:

    Thanks, Carol. I don’t think it will be the end of MOOCs for me, either! And I sure understand about your having to unenroll. But soon you’ll be off on a new journey yourself for a time, and that will be good. By the way, your blog is very interesting at http://carolpardun.com/, and you are fantastic! You’ve done it all and will continue to do so for as long as you want. Your Historical Milestones in American Advertising sounds fascinating. Lana

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