Walt, where are you!?!?!?!?

There is nothing – I repeat nothing – more aggravating to me in my work life than trying to learn new technology while trying to learn content or do projects. I relish using technology when it is in the background and the ideas and projects I’m involved in are in the foreground. However, when it rears its ugly face in the foreground and starts overshadowing the content, taking more time than the content, not working the way it should, or requiring even more technological learning and product accessing, then it becomes too overwhelming. … And when I’m working on several projects that each require learning new technology, well, you know how my day is going!  … And that leads into this:

My Walt Whitman MOOC experience is stalling out today. I guess I am too much involved in too many projects requiring my technological expertise to stretch: a training session on Lecture Tools yesterday, trying to get ready for an online course on facilitating synchronous online learning with ASTD, working with a new video camera for another project I am involved in, and this MOOC’s (new) annotation tool, which evidently needs google chrome.

Well, do you want to hear the details of my technological woes? Probably Not! But you must hear this one story. It’s about my computers at work. I happen to have an iMAC desktop and a MacBook Air laptop computer. So the iMAC is having problems. It won’t show it has iMovie – it’ll show an alias for it, but not iMovie itself. Well, OIT (the Office of Information Technology) sends a really nice person – Jessica – to help me out. (This is after other issues I began having with my laptop, including seeing that rotating beach ball much too often.)

So Jessica realizes the my iMAC is old enough that it needs to go to surplus, and I need to get a new iMAC. Well, that is great!!!! I am happy. So in comes this new iMAC all shiney and bright, and I need to download the material from my new camera’s disc, including some software for uploading movies to youtube, etc., and – I can’t find any slot to accept a CD!!! So now I have a call in to Jessica to see what I need to do. I may have to purchase some kind of external thingamajig if this is anything like other issues I’ve had.

Well, anyway, here’s a laundry list of my current tech issues:

  1. New iMAC: can’t find slot for CD which I need to work with my new camera. Do I have to get some kind of external drive? Who will pay for it? When will I get it? Am I missing something? Jessica, where are you?!?!?!
  2. New camera: Wonderful! Now I can interview faculty about best practices in teaching, but it has all its own technology, including a 36 page quick guide and an instructor’s manual that goes on forever.
  3. AirBook: that beach ball is driving me nuts and slowing me down.
  4. Lecture Tools: a wonderful software application that we have here that I learned yesterday and want to practice on, but won’t for awhile, because there are other matters….
  5. The ASTD course: I have to download software and get everything set up, for the course begins next Tuesday.
  6. The MOOC: that darned annotation tool. Maybe I won’t take it for a certificate? But, then, that defeats the purpose. I must try to be a student and suffer all the consequences that a student would suffer, trying to do a MOOC like this one, so that I can learn what it takes from the student’s point of view.

I like technology when it’s not the content or the foreground, but when it rears its ugly head and becomes the foreground, you can forget it.

Maybe I’m trying to learn too much at one time??? Will I be a dropout in any of these endeavors????

Oh – I have to get ready for a meeting shortly, because a colleague and I are going to work on our new SharePoint website that we were recently trained on ….

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One Response to Walt, where are you!?!?!?!?

  1. I can relate to a lot of this!!! Will post more later. –Peggy 🙂

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