Microsoft versus Apple is Costing Us Too Much Time, Effort, and $

I have now learned that ActiveX, which I need for a course I’m taking beginning next Tuesday, is not compatible with anything but Internet Explorer, and I have a MAC! Why doesn’t the tech world make it easier for us to do the work we need to do! Today I have spent a lot of time, my support people are going to be spending time, and it’s really all wasted time – which costs a lot of money, just because these two companies refuse to work together, and because the course I’m taking only uses ActiveX! We need more people out there who are solving these problems and bypassing the problems!

I hope there’s a way around this, but I don’t know it. I hope my IT people do. If not, I hope I can borrow someone’s PC somewhere, so I can accomplish what I need to. This is an expensive course, and I cannot afford not to take it. (It’s been paid for!)

Deeper into the moonspace of cyberspace. Ever deeper into the darkening depression of desperate demonic deltoids and deltas devoid of all devotion. (What alliteration! What alliteration!)

IT people: are you my saviors? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s possibilities.

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