MOOC Day 2

Well, today I read the discussion board where everyone introduces him/herself. At the beginning I read carefully, but after awhile I began skimming and just reading the names, where people were from, and what they do, because I realized that there a a lot of people in this MOOC! What did I find: a lot of educated people, a lot of experience in a variety of fields, but also some people who are not college graduates, which is heartening. We need more people from all walks of life. But, then, which people have time for a MOOC?

I’ve been working with my iSight camera to see if I can post a video intro to the MOOC. I’ve been able to create an IMovie with my computer camera. Now, I just don’t know what to do with it. My desktop doesn’t seem to have the original iMovie, just an alias, so I don’t know where the original went. My AirBook has iMovie, but no DVD slot! So I’ll be working through that issue, too.

As for the MOOC itself, I’m not sure how I will connect with others. For some reason I didn’t feel like connecting to anyone, although I did write ‘cool’ in response to one member’s poem about Whitman. (I understand there is a poets’ forum, which I might be interested in lurking about in.) I guess I’m just not sure what is appropriate to say at this point.I think maybe I need to write from the heart, write as the heart prompts me to write, and not out of any sense of obligation or hubris on these boards. (Oh, I know. We have to post twice for each section, or some such thing, to get a certificate. Yes, I’ll do that. And maybe the prompts from the course teachers will be helpful there. Yes, that might work. OK. Enough.)

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