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Microsoft versus Apple is Costing Us Too Much Time, Effort, and $

I have now learned that ActiveX, which I need for a course I’m taking beginning next Tuesday, is not compatible with anything but Internet Explorer, and I have a MAC! Why doesn’t the tech world make it easier for us … Continue reading

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Walt, where are you!?!?!?!?

There is nothing – I repeat nothing – more aggravating to me in my work life than trying to learn new technology while trying to learn content or do projects. I relish using technology when it is in the background … Continue reading

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Some Generalities, Whitman, and his MOOC

Some Generalities: This weekend I spent some time looking at the book recommendations that Elisa New made on our course syllabus. I like the fact that she reminded us of these books and their titles in her weekly post to … Continue reading

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Wading into Walt Whitman and One of His MOOCs

So now I’m wading into the MOOC. We don’t have any required work until January 29. But we have been told to get started reading the poems in the syllabus, because they “bunch up at the end.” Lots of thoughts … Continue reading

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MOOC Day 2

Well, today I read the discussion board where everyone introduces him/herself. At the beginning I read carefully, but after awhile I began skimming and just reading the names, where people were from, and what they do, because I realized that … Continue reading

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MOOC Countdown – 5 Days till Walt Whitman’s

Well, we’re having problems getting my sister’s friend into the MOOC. It seems she has suddenlink email out in the country, and they are having trouble pasting the link she received from edx into her browser. More on that to … Continue reading

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In the MOOCesphere

Right now in the MOOCesphere things are fairly quiet. Time is ticking by while we wait for January 15. My sister received an email with 200 more MOOC offerings and found three she likes. All in the humanities. (I missed … Continue reading

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