Morning Meditation

Thoughts upon Contemplation of a Picture While Answering Questions
The Soul of Life
… or Pep Talk on a Monday Morning

“Personal power through synthesis of abilities:”
To reflect, stop, ponder, talk, take a break, center, do other things
To see relationships, to write, to communicate and listen, to think
To be genuinely congenial and interested in others and their ideas
To be enthusiastic and full of energy
To be interested and helpful
To act for the greater good

“Ability to make choices”
I choose creative expression and allowing other “regions of the mind,” i.e. deeper inner wisdom or the synthesis of various parts of the mind, to surface and direct what I do and where I focus
I enjoy lots of aspects of my work life.
I do choose.

“Creative expression” and “Control over the situation:”
I do have control over the situation, for I do
1) what is my highest, most ethical priority
2) that which allows me creative expression

“I have the power of choice:”
I see I am indeed exercising it. I have chosen — gladly — Kalender, Lingelbach, ACTIVEL’s website, workshops, blogs, student interaction through blogs, and individual interviews with students
I embrace the challenges and multifaceted diversity of my campus community. I have chosen Beth, David, Michael, Pete, Shirley, ACTIVEL, Aimée, Lonny, Melissa B, Becky, Melissa M, Pam, my colleagues. And my students. And others

Wands and Twos and Worlds:
I hold the world gently in my hands, to care for it, to act as shepherd as I can, to look across the mountains and shoreline and envision my own kind of activism — the kind that I can do, given my own background, abilities, and understandings
I am not a coward, even if I am sometimes not overtly aggressive in my pursuit of the good
I live in the walled space of the open and closed university, but I am by no means dis- or unconnected from the world, whose gardens grow, whose people seek their ways, whose mountains, forests, and oceans sustain all life
The life of contemplation, yet interaction and positive influence where one can — also active because there are times to “walk in the world” to maintain an equilibrium between head and heart, mind and body, action and contemplation, stasis and movement, mental health and spiritual healing
The calm of repose, the “genius of doing nothing,” and the excitement of enthusiasm and high energy.

To be … centered …

The calm of a Monday morning upon contemplation of a picture

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