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Teaching How Culture is Embedded in Language

One of the real, but sometimes hard-to-teach, realities of the world is that cultural beliefs and values are embedded in language — when our language is really being used. In other words, sentences by themselves — or words — do … Continue reading

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We need to make the public our allies

We need to make sure we make the public our allies, for most of us educators are really there for them – for the greater good, in all we do: our teaching, our research, and our service (unless we get … Continue reading

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Morning Meditation

Thoughts upon Contemplation of a Picture While Answering Questions Body-Mind-Spirit The Soul of Life … or Pep Talk on a Monday Morning “Personal power through synthesis of abilities:” To reflect, stop, ponder, talk, take a break, center, do other things … Continue reading

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Thank you, Blake

Blake Carpenter is a dear colleague of mine, and his philosophy of teaching is one of the most admirable and heartfelt of any I have ever read. Therefore, I have put it on my page line menu at the top … Continue reading

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Jose Cuseo, a Man for Our Time

I am so proud of — and thankful to my university for their concern with our students’ educational success, for bringing to campus people like Joe Cuseo. My university has one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation, … Continue reading

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What are we about? What do we want to be about?

Wow: This is what motivates us!!! What does it have to do with education? Do lectures breed “blind obedience?” Do they breed acceptance of authority without questioning it? Do they offer the parental “lecture:” “This is the truth, and this … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Syllabus in Week 8

Prologue: I’m in a teaching circle on “student success and retention,” and while I have the same qualms that Leigh Blackall notes, nevertheless I am interested in the success of students, and I am interested in their getting a college … Continue reading

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